PinWoofer JJP Tweeter Upgrade

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Tweeter Upgrade for your Jersey Jack Pinball Title

Tweeters are for titles Dialed In!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Edition and Guns N' Roses only. They do not fit the remaining Wizard of Oz trim packages, or The Hobbit.

Upgrade the factory 1/2" mylar dome tweeter to this 1", ferrofluid cooled, textile dome tweeter.

These upgraded tweeters are designed to smooth out the grind and distortion present in the stock tweeters.

A poor sounding tweeter can ruin the sound track.  A good sounding tweeter not only makes the highs sound better, but adds clarity by properly blending high frequencies into the lower frequency spectrum.

For Guns N' Roses CE you will disable your backbox sound bar.

Installation requires a T-15 or T-20 Torx bit and driver plus a phillips head screwdriver.

Installation time is 10-20 minutes and is trivial; the tweeters are plug and play to the backbox connectors.

No Warranty