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PinWoofer Amplified Pinball Subwoofer Kit

Product Overview:

Where is that "BOOM" you're looking for?  It's here at PinWoofer!

We offer the optimum approach to adding integrated subwoofer and backbox amplification to your pin with matching speakers.  Power up with a dual channel, 50Wx2 max, active amplifier and a 6" or 8" dual voice coil, high quality subwoofer speaker that installs quickly and provides an unprecedented bass experience!

Our dual Voice Coil Subwoofer Speakers are effectively two speakers in one.

Ad a backbox amplifier and matching speakers to upgrade your pin to the highest level possible.  The sound quality is incredible and the solution is integrated; there will be no permanent changes to your prized pin.

PinWoofer Amplified Pinball Subwoofer Kit

Ease of Installation and Optimum Customer Experience

We strive to provide the highest quality prefabricated components for streamlined assembly and installation.  No special tools are required and no soldering.  Kits are designed to be assembled and installed in less than an hour with detailed installation instructions to remove any guesswork and ensure a first time success.

Your kit will come with a Pin-Specific, Fused 12V Power Cable for either the single or dual amplifier configuration.  Plug and play!

PinWoofer Amplified Pinball Subwoofer Kit



  • Power: 50Wx2 max @Vmax
  • Loading: two >= 4 Ohm Loads
  • Non-bridgable
  • Non-gangable


  • Second-order fixed f
  • Cutoff -3dB@178Hz


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PinWoofer Promotional Video

A brief introduction to

Williams Fish Tales pinball with pinwoofer Powered Subwoofer

PinWoofer Powered Pinball Subwoofer - 8" Kit Demo:

  • Taken with average Cam-Corder.
  • No audio alteration aside from a fade at the end.
  • Bass boost during video.
  • Done watching?  Get one today! 

STNG Spectrum Demo

STNG at player perspective

About pinwoofer


To provide the highest quality pinball audio and subwoofer kits, offer excellent value and provide the best documentation possible for an outstanding customer experience.

WARNINGS and Policies

Protect Your Hearing

 Highly amplified audio can cause hearing loss through prolonged exposure.

Wiring and component Protection

 The end customer is responsible for the safe installation of any kit and must ensure that the appropriate circuit protections are in place (specifically, ensure that a working fuse of the correct value is in place for the 12V power circuit) and that all instructions are followed exactly.  The customer must check for the appropriate voltage and ground operation and is responsible for any damage to any components resulting from improper assembly or installation. 

Mechanical Vibration and System Reliability

 Over time, mechanical vibration generated by the subwoofer speaker can reduce overall system reliability in the appliance it is installed in.  Use your powered subwoofer with discretion; add enough amplification to achieve a satisfactory tonal quality but avoid over-driving the speaker and seek to eliminate any audible secondary mechanical vibrations in the appliance it is installed in. 


 All online purchases are processed in the order they are received without preference.  We accept payment for in-stock items only and do not have a back-order or layaway program.  Please allow five business days for order processing and shipment.

We reserve the right to sell outside of an online setting at any time without preference.


 Products and materials may vary in terms of color, quantity, length, gauge, material  or configuration.

All kits will perform the intended function provided that the installation instructions are followed exactly.