Revolutionary Pinball Amplifier and Speaker Upgrades
Why PinWoofer?

At PinWooferTM our goal is to enable the best sound possible and unlock the full potential of the audio track. Our approach is to provide:

  • Speakers that produce a clear backbox sound field and deep, rich bass.

  • A well matched and feature rich amplifier specifically designed for a pinball machine.

Replacing the speakers alone does little to improve the overall presence of your title because you are still stuck with the de-rated stock amplifier. The typical pinball machine amplifier is no better than what is found in a television or clock radio.

The PinWoofer amp provides clean track reproduction that has been perfectly balanced for a pinball machine with deep bass, defined mid-range and a crisp backbox recreating detailed call-outs, music and effects. You'll hear the bass and feel it in your hands.

Increased amplification is vital to improving dynamic range, which is the difference between the quietest and loudest sounds in the audio track. With the PinWoofer amp, at any volume level you'll hear a dramatic improvement as the cabinet and backbox are liberated from the stock amplifier.

PinWoofer Glass TamerTM technology helps to reduce the vibration of the playfield glass and is not available anywhere else.

The PinWoofer amp features cutoff and tone controls. There is also an auto-mute function that virtually eliminates any hum or buzz that's present in your (older) system when the machine is in attract mode.

Our system is simple to install and anyone can do it!

Our products are assembled in the USA so you can feel good about having a “Made in USA” product that supports American manufacturing.

Straight Down the Middle (SDTM): PinWoofer Amplification Sound System - Installation and Impressions

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