How to Install the PinWoofer GT Spike Super Kit
Title Title
Aerosmith Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast
Avengers Infinity Quest Jurassic Park
The Beatles KISS
Black Night Sword of Rage Led Zeppelin
Batman 66 The Munsters
Deadpool Stranger Things
Elvira's House of Horrors Star Wars
Ghostbusters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Game of Thrones Wrestlemania
Guardians of the Galaxy

How to Install the PinWoofer GT SAM Super Kit
Title Title
24 The Rolling Stones
AC/DC Shrek
James Cameron’s Avatar Spider-Man
Big Buck Hunter Star Trek
Batman: The Dark Night Mustang
CSI The Avengers
Family Guy Disney TRON Legacy
Good Morning America Transformers
Indiana Jones The Walking Dead
Iron Man Wheel Of Fortune
Metallica World Poker Tour
Pirates of the Caribbean

How to Install the PinWoofer GT Jersey Jack Pinball Super Kit
Title Title
Dialed In!(also see instructions) The Wizard of Oz
Pirates of the Carribean Guns N' Roses
The Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Edition Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Note that JJP backbox wire colors may vary from title to title.

The wire colors shown in the video are:
  • Left - BLK-WHT + BLK
  • Right - RED-WHT + BLK.
The wire colors can also be:
  • Left - BLK-WHT + BLK
  • Right - RED-WHT + RED

How to Install the PinWoofer GT Early Jersey Jack Pinball Super Kit
Title Title
The Hobbit The Wizard of Oz

How to Adjust the PinWoofer GT Amp Settings
This video deals extensively with the auto-mute feature of the PinWoofer GT Amplifier using a Spike-2 title (Elvira's House of Horrors) and recommends using a service menu volume of about 14.  While 14 is optimal for a Spike title, SAM and Jersey Jack will optimally use a volume setting of about 25.   WPC/WPC95 use an optimal volume setting of about 12.  Add or subtract about 5 for a usable range for your circumstances.  Please concentrate on the concept presented using the volume value and range for the platform that applies to your title.  Refer to the instructions for the maximum volume setting for your platform.