PinWoofer Amplifier External Subwoofer Options

Posted by PinWoofer on Jan 17th 2023

If you want to run an external subwoofer in addition to the PinWoofer kit, you can use one of the below options: 

1.BBU – this is a powered unit and gives you an increase in signal level going to the powered sub. Also gives you the convenience of having your subwoofer controls at the coin door location. This option works with all PinWoofer Amplifiers:

PinWoofer Bass Boost Unit (

2.Line Trimmer – adds the convenience of having level adjustment at the coin door location. But it does not give you a signal boost like the BBU. However, the KOP amplifier output has lots of drive and this option is most popular and performs great for the KOP Amp. You can add the Line Trimmer to your kit at checkout. This option works with all PinWoofer Amplifier but is most suited for the KOP amplifier:

PinWoofer Line Trimmer (

3.Audio Cable – simple cable that runs from the line out board on Spike-2, then to the input of your external (one of two possible types of connection at the external sub). The below cables can also be used directly without a BBU or Line Trimmer for the older titles that use the GT / GTP amplifier:

12ft 3.5mm Male TRS to RCA Stereo Audio Cable (

12ft 3.5mm Male TRS to Male TRS Stereo Audio Cable (