PinWoofer Bass Boost Unit

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PinWooferTM – Bass Boost Unit (BBU)

The BBU provides volume and cutoff frequency controls at the coin door location.

Aside from the features, there are two additional considerations.

First, add more input signal to the external and it will get louder. A speaker tap routed to the popular PSW10 or equivalent may not provide a strong signal so this gadget can potentially improve that and give you more intensity / better utilize the power of the external.

Second, bass quality. The BBU roll-off is quite steep (~35dB / decade above ωc) so the result is some filtering of unwanted high bass that might otherwise originate from a speaker tap, of which the input filtering of the external sub is likely not able to fully remove. So, the BBU provides an additional screening out of unwanted higher bass frequencies so it should not be surprising that the result is a "purification" so to speak, of the bass signal provided to the external and less energy is wasted on the high bass area.

Select GT or KO Amplifier model.

The maximum boost ~ 8dB (~2.5x).

Cutoff frequency is adjustable ~ 66-173Hz @ -3dB.

Frequency roll-off ~ 35dB/Decade.

Includes 1) PinWooferTM BBU Board, 2) one 3ft 3.5mm Male to Male TRS Cable, 3) 3ft Power Cable, 4) 12ft 3.5mm TRS Male Stereo to RCA Male Stereo Subwoofer Cable and 5) Adhesive Double Sticky Mounting Pad.

To start, run your subwoofer controls at max, and select 180 degree phase shift.  Run the BBU controls on the low side when starting adjustments.

BBU Instructions

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