PinWoofer Spike-2 LE / 5.25in Backbox Mounting Spacers 2-Ring Set

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PinWooferTM – Spike-2 LE / 5.25in Backbox Speaker Mounting Ring Set

Select from several colors to add flair to your backbox speaker setup with this sturdy, high quality spacer.

Note that these rings are not intended to show color (i.e. a colored ring concentric with the 5.25in speaker panel opening) as viewed from the front of the speaker panel.  However, they can be used in combination with the factory or aftermarket colored acrylics that are available elsewhere.

Enjoy a superior mounting solution to accommodate a typical (protruding) tweeter assembly.

Slips over the existing threaded plate #6-32 x 1" studs.

This is our tried and true design guaranteed to work with Pyle PL53BL speakers.  For other speakers please verify your dimensions match the Pyle PL53BL.  Most aftermarket speakers have the same mounting pattern.

Includes two mounting rings, both of the selected color and type.  Also includes 16x #8-32 locking nuts and 16x #8 Flat Washers for mounting to the existing 5.25in Stern LE plate speaker studs.  Tools required: 5/16" and 11/32"  nut drivers.

Re-mount your backbox speakers minutes.

(Speakers not included.)

No warranty