PinWoofer Spike-2 4in to 5.25in Backbox Speaker Mounting 2-Ring Set

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10.00 Ounces

PinWooferTM – Spike-2 4in to 5.25in Backbox Speaker Mounting Ring Set

Select from classic MDF, or several other colors to add some flair to your backbox speaker setup.

Convert your 4in Spike-2 backbox to 5.25in with this interposer.

This is our tried and true design guaranteed to work with Pyle PL53BL speakers only. For other speakers please verify your dimensions.

Includes two mounting rings, both of the selected color and type.  Rings are pre-populated with stainless steel mounting screws and include a nut and washer pack.  Tools required: 5/16" and 11/32" nut drivers.

(Speaker not included.)

No warranty