PinWoofer GT Spike-2 Expander Board Delete Kit

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PinWooferTM – Spike-2 Expander Board Delete Kit

Convert your Spike-2 GT amplifier Audio Tap to CN5
Line output audio support was not stable until about mid-Iron Maiden (coincident with the CPU Node Board rev conversion from 6-pin to 7-pin) so the PinWoofer GT amplifier as sold, has sourced audio feed using the Spike-2 Expander Board.

Software and firmware has been stable for all titles since and earlier software updates appear to be stable to support the CN5 line output.

This gadget allows you to convert to the CN5 line output source.  The result is a cleaner input signal to the PinWoofer amplifier and also removes the restriction to keep the service menu volume at 20 of less.

Inclludes 1) Spike-2 Line Output Board and 2) PinWoofer Ground Loop Isolator Kit.

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