PinWoofer 8in Cabinet Speaker Mount - Stern and JJP

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PinWooferTM – 8in Cabinet Mounting Ring

Vital for good cabinet sound - this ring has a 0.375" dwell that allows for cone and surround excursion when the bass is pumping.  If you don't have this ring, your speaker will make contact with the cabinet floor, make an audible "thud" and you'll experience premature wear-out when using an amp.

The PinWoofer cabinet mounting ring fits a standard 8" speaker mounting hole pattern of 7.625" +/- 0.125" diameter.  It also matches the cabinet floor bolt pattern found in Stern SAM, Spike and Spike-2 machines.

Most 8" woofers have a standard hole pattern that fits this ring, but you must verify your woofer dimensions prior to ordering to ensure your speaker fits.

This is a rigid PVC injection molded ring that is offered nowhere else.  The rigid material provides a tight coupling to the cabinet which improves efficency and tonal response.

Ring secures to cabinet floor, and the speaker mounts to the ring.  Included are eight each #6 flat washers and #6-32 nylon locking nuts.

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