PinWoofer 8in DVC Cabinet Speaker and Ring

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PinWooferTM – 8in DVC Cabinet Speaker

The PinWoofer Dual Voice Coil Cabinet Speaker is the premiere driver for your pinball machine. Specifically designed to work with all PinWoofer amplifiers at 2Ohms DC Resistance in the factory configuration.
Get more intensity out of your amplifier with this low impedance driver; the PinWoofer amplifiers’ power increases dramatically when it sees a lower impedance load. Get every ounce of potential from your PinWoofer amp.
Includes i) two 43in strips of playfield glass tape, ii) one PinWoofer Dual Voice Coil Speaker and iii) Cabinet Mounting Ring (with hardware).
The ring is is required so that the woofer does not make contact with the cabinet floor at higher volume intensity.
Compatible with Stern Whitestar and later Stern titles, along with all Jersey Jack Pinball Titles.
If you are using this speaker with an amplifier other than a signature PinWoofer amplifier, you must confirm your application impedance requirements before using this speaker in the factory parallel-wired dual voice coil configuration at 2Ohms.  Failure to do so can result in damage to your non-PinWoofer amplifier. PinWoofer is not responsible for damage because of such misuse.
No warranty