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PinWoofer - Spike-2 Backbox Speaker Plates and Light Kit Compatibility

Posted by PinWoofer on Jun 22nd 2022

Speaker Light Kits and PinWoofer Compatibility:

See the full line of PixlWav Speaker Light Kits here:

PinWoofer backbox speakers are compatible with all known / encountered speaker lighting kits. We have yet to fail to be compatible with the lighting kits out there, but on rare occasion the customer has needed advice on their mounting situation (i.e., screws, nuts, washers, etc.). For guaranteed results, go with our PixlWav line of speaker light kits for your Spike-2 title.

Spike-2 Speaker Plates and Topology:

A quick review of terminology. Below image shows a Spike-2 speaker panel as indicated by the yellow star. The speaker panel holds the monitor and left / right speakers. The speakers are covered by a "honeycomb" style grille on each side:

Behind the front ("honeycomb") speaker panel you will find one of two types of speaker mounting plates:

1) Stern Pro and Premium Plates:

The pro and premium trims ship with 4in speakers and 4in speaker plates from the factory as shown:

Importantly, the 4in speaker plates are setup with two mounting studs that match the factory 4in speaker mounting holes:

When you select the pro or premium trim with your PinWoofer order, we ship a ring solution that allows you to mount our 5.25in speaker to your 4in speaker plate. Below is a link to the PinWoofer 4in to 5.25in speaker mounting instructional document. This resource provides a step by step look at the panel and speaker mounting topology:

2) Stern Limited Edition or 5.25in Aftermarket Upgraded Plates:

Most Limited Edition (A.k.a. "LE") titles have 5.25in speakers from the factory and 5.25in speaker mounting plates as shown:

Importantly, the 5.25in speaker plates are setup with four mounting studs that match a standard 5.25in speaker mounting hole pattern:

However, there are exceptions as shown in the blog entry below:

When you select the "Limited Edition -OR- I have upgrade 5.25in Backbox Speaker Mounting Plates" option with your PinWoofer order, we ship a ring solution that allows you to mount our 5.25in speaker to the 5.25in plate. Below is a link to the PinWoofer 5.25in spacer mounting instructional document. This resource provides a step by step look at the panel and speaker mounting topology:

Many choose to upgrade their Pro and Premium (4in) speaker panels to have aftermarket 5.25in plates because they open up lighting kit possibilities, and they also expose the entire backbox speaker cone without obstruction. Upgraded Speaker Plates are available at the below link:

Another benefit to the 5.25in plates is they support adding colored acrylic surround plates found on most LE trims from the factory. An example is shown below, and the colored acrylic surrounds are indicated by the yellow arrows:

Spike-2 Speaker Mounting Considerations:

The PixlWav mount extends 0.400in behind the speaker plate. Behind the right-hand side of the speaker plate, there is approximately 3.2in of clearance when the speaker panel is closed, to the power box cover. The PinWoofer 5.25in backbox speaker has a mounted depth of 2.1in. Therefore, the complete stack-up of the PinWoofer backbox speaker behind the speaker plate is 2.5in. If you are using a different backbox speaker, be certain not to extend more than 3.2in less some extra space to ensure that the speaker magnet does not make contact with the power box or any other item located behind the speaker plate, when the speaker panel is closed. A suggested total mounting depth is 2.75in. You'll need to verify your own situation before ordering the PixlWav lighting product if you are not using PinWoofer Speakers.

Use of Acrylic Spacers:

If you are not adding a speaker lighting kit, keeping the colored acrylic plates on the machine is likely desirable.

However, if you add PixlWav speaker lights it is recommended that you omit / delete the acrylic plates because they tend to dominate the color spectrum and detract from the lighting orchestration.

Ordering Your PinWoofer Super Kit:

When you order your PinWoofer kit you will specify your trim (pro / premium / LE), or if you have the pro / premium and have already (or intend to) upgrade to 5.25in plates.

This works because your mounting experience is expected to go one of two ways:

1) you will mount your new 5.25in speakers on the pro / premium 4in factory plate you have now, and the mounts we provide are guaranteed to work.

2) you have the LE, or, have or plan to upgrade to 5.25in plates.

The only exception is if you start with a pro / premium now, and later upgrade to 5.25in plates (and possibly acrylics), but don't add a lighting kit that supplies new speaker mounts. In this case, you can easily obtain a set of our 5.25in spacers.

The backbox trim options from the ordering page is shown below. If you are still unsure, just check the "Unsure" option and ask us to contact you. We'll find a quick resolution for your case after you order, and prior to shipping:

If you need assistance, please reach out to us at the contact points below:

+1 208-855-0346, 9am - 5pm MT, Mon - Fri