PinWoofer JJP Backbox Static / Noise Detection and Possible Fix

Posted by PinWoofer on Jun 28th 2021

Noise can present itself as a crackle, cracking, static, popping or other undesirable effect.

If you have noise present in your JJP PinWoofer System and have exhausted other options to eliminate it through technical support from PinWoofer, this may be a means to fix your issue.

While some music is playing, un-plug the 2-pin Molex connector from the expander board as shown below and follow the below 3 steps:

1) There will be an immediate reduction in bass - this is expected.

2) Listen for an reduction in or elimination of the unwanted noise.  (If this helps, you are likely on the way to fixing your issue!)

3) Re-plug the 2-pin Molex connector.


ONLY if 2) above yields a reduction / elimination in noise, perform the below:

1) Remove the factory calibration tape as shown.

2) Adjust each trim pot as shown.

CAUTION: The trim pots are ment for minimal use; over-exercising these trim pots will quickly wear them out.  Do not rotate pots more than a time or two or else you'll damange them and the expander board will require repair.


If this has fixed your noise issue please let us know at so we can continually improve!