PinWoofer - Jersey Jack Tweeter Upgrade - Guns N' Roses

PinWoofer - Jersey Jack Tweeter Upgrade - Guns N' Roses

Posted by PinWoofer on Apr 16th 2021

Having finally received our copy of Guns N' Roses we were both surprised and a bit disappointed in the audio experience.

Our main observation was the graininess and distortion present in the backbox at greater than nominal listening levels. Specifically, the nature of GNR is to play a quiet track when the ball is served to the shooter lane, some moderate intensity effects etc. during initial play, until the massive crescendo of music during song mode.

The main complaint is that this being a music title one would expect it to be loud and clean - be it with the factory hardware or with the PinWoofer system. The music is not where we want it to be, especially when played loud.

The good news is that the audio track is stellar, and after having done an internal evaluation we believe there one critical improvement that can be made. That is, an upgrade of the backbox tweeters.

As simple as this might seem the proper tweeter is vital to not only reproduce the highs, but to add clarity by properly blending high frequencies into the lower frequency spectrum. A poor sounding tweeter has the opposite effect and can ruin the sound track.

Based upon what we've learned and the results we've achieved in-house we are including a nicely integrated tweeter assembly with the super kit. We have realized a nice improvement with this tweeter using the PinWoofer system, and are playing music loud and much cleaner that the stock tweeter. We've been playing for a few weeks with this upgrade and feel it is a great improvement and you'll hear the difference.

This same observation is extensible to all of the late JJP titles: Pirates of the Caribbean, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Dialed In! and we recommend a tweeter upgrade for existing PinWoofer late JJP systems / customers with a registered serial number.

Please note that we are advising customers to disable the sound bar on the GNR CE trim because it utilizes the same tweeter and if left in play, the sound bar will serve to "pollute" the sound field.  You'll get everything you'll need with the existing 4in mid-range speakers and upgraded tweeters the PinWoofer super kit offers!

In time we hope to offer a tweeter upgrade for the early JJP titles The Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit.