PinWoofer - Jersey Jack Pinball - Guns N' Roses Amplifier Settings

PinWoofer - Jersey Jack Pinball - Guns N' Roses Amplifier Settings

Posted by PinWoofer on Nov 19th 2020

It is critical to replace the playfield glass and to close the coin door after installation, and after making the initial adjustments, so that the cabinet can serve as the enclosure for the bass to develop within.

After making the below adjustments you will most definitely want to play a few balls with everything closed up, and to acquaint yourself with the new audio.

For the CE, it is important to disable the sound bar before making adjustments so that you can hear the PinWoofer system on its own:

  • The sound bar can be disabled by disconnecting the two red / black 2-wire Molex connectors on the back of the sound bar itself.
  • You'll re-connect the sound bar after adjusting the PinWoofer amplifier and playing a few balls.
  • When you re-connect the sound bar, you will want to ensure that the sound bar volume (adjustable with the coin door / menu volume buttons) is balanced out with the PinWoofer amplifier at the end of the adjustment process below.  At that stage, adjust only the PinWoofer amplifier volume (red) knob and / or the coin door / menu volume to get the relative volume level of the sound bar set.

Below are the initial / recommended adjustments for GNR, all trim packages (SE/LE/CE):

  • Coin door / menu volume set to 23 (usable range 18-30, do not exceed 30).  The lower the value, the cleaner the sound.
  • System Menu (the below settings reduce clipping in the audio track and level the music increase during song mode):
    • Music Mix 30.
    • Speech Mix 45.
    • Fanfare Mix 40.
    • FX Mix 45.
  • PinWoofer Amplifier:
    • Gain to 1 o'clock position.
    • Bass Freq to 11 o'clock position.
    • Bass Vol 6 o'clock position / max.
    • Bbox Vol 10 o'clock position.
    • Treble 3 o'clock position.
    • Vol 6 o'clock position / max.  Feel free to decrease depending upon your intensity preferences.

The key to a good adjustment is to keep the Bass Vol high, and the Bbox Vol relatively low, so that good bass develops and the cabinet intensity balances out with the backbox intensity.

After the settings above are complete:

  • If you find that the relative bass level is too high or too powerful, reduce the Bass Vol.
  • If you feel that the relative backbox level is too low, increase the Bbox Vol.
  • If you are playing loud consider reducing Bass Freq towards the 9 o'clock position to progressively eliminate the high bass flutter in the cabinet speaker as volume increases.
  • Gain can be increased to 2 o'clock if the audio mutes too quickly at the end of the game.

If you need assistance please email or call 208-855-0346, Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 5pm mountain time.