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PinWoofer - Jersey Jack Pinball - Elton John

Posted by PinWoofer on Dec 20th 2023

Below are the initial / recommended adjustments for Elton John, all trim packages (PE/CE):

KOP Amplifier - Coin door / service menu volume set to 30 (usable range 10-max).

Elton John audio starts out with only the backbox playing as if to emulate a nostalgic 1970's radio. After you start a ball and play for a moment, the sound field will fill in with mid-range and bass tones. You may not hear this effect with the factory audio setup but you will hear it with your PinWoofer system.

  • System Menu:
    • Volume Effect Intensity 0 or 1 (0 if you have excessive bass drive)
    • Music Mix 80
    • Speech Mix 75
    • Fanfare Mix 75
    • FX Mix 60 (to compensate for bass rich effects during multiball, can be set higher for lower volume play)
  • PinWoofer Amplifier Controls:
    • Bass Freq to 12 o'clock position.
    • Bass Vol 12-3 o'clock position.
    • Bbox Vol 12 o'clock position.
    • Treble 12 o'clock position.
    • Vol 12-3 o'clock position.

Critical for Elton John:

  • The menu accessible graphic equalizer may have the lower frequency bass "sliders" programmed at or above 0dB from the factory.
  • It is believed that the goal of this default setting is to elevate the bass level in an attempt to account for the de-rated factory amplifier and low efficiency woofer.
  • For the PinWoofer system it is critical to set the bass graphic equalizer settings to zero (centered vertically or less) because the excess bass that is produced in the audio line might over-drive the PinWoofer amplifier input and can also lead to excessive playfield glass shake.
  • You can experiment with the graphic equalizer settings if desired, just bear in mind that these settings may serve to clip the source signal resulting in distortion in your PinWoofer setup.
  • Doubling up on glass tape (top and bottom of the glass) is exremely helpful to mitigate playfield glass shake.
  • A suggested custom EQ is shown below: it contains a "notch" at 40Hz which has been shown to mitigate the primary / first resonance node of the cabinet and helps to minimize audible glass shake.

After the initial / recommended adjustments above are complete:

  • If you find that the relative bass level is too high or too powerful, reduce the Bass Vol.
  • If you feel that the relative backbox level is off, decrease or increase the Bbox Vol slightly.
  • If you are playing very loud and hear any high bass flutter in the cabinet speaker, reduce the Bass Freq and Bass Vol slightly to address that effect.


If you need assistance, please email