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PinWoofer - 6-Pin Speaker Connector Mis-Aligned

Posted by PinWoofer on Aug 28th 2022

On rare occasion the 6-pin Molex speaker header pins (inside the amplifier) slip above the path of the 6-pin Molex plug holes. This results in the pins inside of the amplifier not sliding into the … read more
PinWoofer - PL53BL versus PW-525 Depth

PinWoofer - PL53BL versus PW-525 Depth

Posted by PinWoofer on Aug 1st 2022

The mounting depth of the newly released PinWoofer PW-525 Premium Backbox Speaker is approximately 0.125", or 1/8 inch greater than the Pyle PL53BL.

PinWoofer - Amplifier Power-Down Pop

Posted by PinWoofer on Jul 20th 2022

On both the Spike and JJP platforms, you may experience a "pop" noise when you power-down your machine.The root cause of this noise is as follows. The power board and amplifier maintain their des … read more

PinWoofer - Giving

Posted by SubDude Audio LLC on Jul 1st 2022

SubDude Audio LLC participates in giving by contributing significant and recurring contributions to worthwhile charitable organizations that have high efficiency and a wholesome mi … read more