Spike-1 12V connection

PinWoofer 12V Spike-1 Power Cable

Pictured is the PinWoofer Spike-1 12V Power Cable.  Routes from the power jack on the amplifier via a 48V to 12V, DC to DC Converter, and terminates at the power source in the backbox.

DC to DC Converter

 Spike-1 does not have a 12V supply capable of powering the amplifier.  Therefore, an aftermarket DC to DC Converter is required to convert 48V in the backbox to 12V to run the amplifier(s).  Pictured is the PinWoofer Spike-1 Power Cable and a DC-DC Converter / 48V-12V.


Locating CPU Node 0 Board

The Spike-1 CPU Node 0 Board can be seen within the yellow rectangle located in the center of the backbox.


CN7 Header Detail

 Shown within the yellow rectangle is header CN7. 

Connect Cabling

Complete the 5-pin connector / header assembly at the location shown in the yellow rectangle.

Connect the 5.5mm Power Plug into the Amp

 Shown in the yellow oval, plug the opposite end of the cable into the Amplifier module.