Install backbox speakers and Amplifier (Review all below)


Get Familiar with your Super Kit if Applicable

Unpack and gently lay out the speakers and wiring on a table to familiarize yourself with the kit components and their layout.

The images below will vary from pin to pin.


Subwoofer Components if Applicable

Pictured are the subwoofer components covered in the "Cabinet Subwoofer" instructions menu.  Proceed to the below for backbox instructions.


Backbox Components if Applicable

Pictured are the backbox components.

Backbox Amp Mounting Hardware


Adding Feet to the Base Plate

Using the included backbox mounting hardware, assemble the amplifier feet using the elevator bolts, nuts, washers and neodymium magnets (for a metal mounting surface).  Double sticky tape or adhesive Velcro can be substituted if desired.


View of Completed Hardware

Shown are the four feet with magnets attached.  This will provide standoff to the bottom of the base plate for mounting in the backbox.  If you have a wood backbox and connot locate a metal mounting location, use double sticky tape to secure the feet to the interior of the backbox.

Speaker Fit - Wear Safety Glasses for this Step!


Stud Spacing

If you encounter studs on the backbox speaker panel that are spaced wider than the flanged speaker basket holes, trip openings as needed using diagonal or other cutters / snips.


Trim as Needed

Pictured is a clipped speaker that will now fit a wider mounting stud pattern.  This is a common technique in audio installation.

Stern Spike and Spike-2 INSTALL


Remove Existing Backbox Speakers

The existing backbox speakers may vary in terms of how the wires are connected.  Pictured is Spike-2.  The connector and wires leading to the speaker will be recycled with red (+ positive) and black (- negative) getting spade lugs added in the next step.


Adding lugs and Connecting to Speakers

The red (+ positive) wire gets a red spade lug added.  The black (- negative) wire gets a blue spade lug added.


Install the New Backbox Speakers

Follow the image and notes to install the new backbox speakers.


Test Backbox Speakers

Your backbox speakers are now installed.  Test them to ensure they are working and sound good before proceeding to install the backbox amplifier.


Begin Amplifier Install

Rest the amplifier module in a convenient location.  (Note the "BBOX Amp" decal at the volume control - make sure you are using the correct amp.)  Install the provided 3.5mm TRS Male Stereo Plug to 2-RCA Stereo Male Y-Adapter shown in the yellow circles.

Disconnect both factory speaker connections.  The white circle shows the new  speaker connection to the step-down module with the purple wire pair.


Detail of Step-Down Input from Pinball Sound Card

Cleanly connect the step down unit to the amplifier outs (the speaker lines that originally powered the factory speakers).  These serve as the audio input to your PinWoofer Backbox Amplifier Module. Crimp connectors were provided with your kit.


Connect Amplifier Outs

Using the clear wires, connect your PinWoofer Backbox Amplifer to your new backbox speakers shown in the white circles.  Your new amplifier will follow the factory configuration for mono or stereo.  If left and right are swapped in a stereo configuration, simply swap the red and black RCA outputs of the step down unit or exchange left and right in the pin's menu settings.


Connect Power

Connect the 2.1x5.5mm power plug to the amplifier power jack as shown in the lower yellow circle.

At the PinWoofer 12V harness, insert the male T-Taps into the females, observing red to red and blue to blue as shown in the upper yellow circle.  Shown is Spike-2.  Other Power cables may be different in terms of the red/black power route.  Please refer to the "12V POWER" Section of the website in the above menu to confirm your 12V pin specific power routing.


Detail of Power Connection for Spike-2

A close up of the 12V route taps, and the PinWoofer 12V power cable harness connecting to the power distribution board.


Completed Installation

Your backbox amplifer is installed.  Review all connections carefully.


Bird's Eye View

Double check that your connections are correct.  Adjust volume to suit and to match the relative level of the subwoofer.


PinWoofer Backbox Connection Schematic SPIKE-2 (example)

SAM / Whitestar


Locate J10

Backbox audio out for SAM / Whitestar is located on the CPU / Sound Board for reference.


Left Factory Speaker Connection

Pictured is the left speaker connection.  In your new install the CAP will be omitted.  Also, both the RED-YEL and RED series wire will be omitted.   Each one of the two RED-WHT wires will be used as the negative [-] input to each of the two purple wire pairs, for each of left and right PinWoofer Amp Module Inputs in a later step.


Right Factory Speaker Connection

Pictured is the right speaker connection from the factory.   RED-BLK is a double wire pair that originates from J10 of the CPU /  Sound Board.    Each one of the two RED-BLK wires will be used as the positive [+] input to each of the two purple wire pairs, for each of left and right PinWoofer Amp Module Inputs in a later step.


Disconnect the Factory Speaker Harness

 Disconnect the four pin connector between J10 of the SAM CPU / Sound Board and the existing factory speakers.  There will be four wires: two RED-BLK and two RED-WHT.   Cut the speaker wires from the factory speakers, discard the capacitor, discard the solid RED intermediate wire and the RED-YEL wire as they are no longer needed.   


Lay Out the SAM CPU / Sound Board Harness

Lay the harness out and install red lugs to the RED-BLK [+] wires and blue lugs to the RED-WHT [-] wires as shown.  Crimp the appropriate colored lugs onto their corresponding wires.


Final Speaker Connection to Step Down Input

The purple wire pairs originating from the step down unit on the PinWoofer Backbox Amplifier Board connect to the RED-BLK [+] / red and the RED-WHT [-] / blue as shown.  The four red wires are the output of the SAM CPU / Sound Board and become the input to the PinWoofer Backbox Amplifier at the purple wire pairs.  One of two purple pairs is pictured.  Both purple wire pairs must have the same color assignment on both sides of the connections.


Connect the Left Speaker

Using one of two clear output wire pairs, connect to the new left speaker as shown.  SAM is mono so the choice of clear wire pair is arbitrary.


Connect the Right Speaker

Using one of two clear output wire pairs, connect to the new right speaker as shown.  SAM is mono so the choice of clear wire pair is arbitrary.


Birds Eye View

Connect 12V power and compare your wiring to the image.

Proceed to cabinet instructions if applicable